9 To Tell The Truth: 1990-91 Episode Guide

1990-91 Episode Guide
"To Tell The Truth"
Special thanks to Peter Pellegrino

This page features the games of the 1990-91 "TTTT" listed in production order.
Each row begins with the episode number followed by the subjects
of the two maingame rounds and the One-on-One round.

Episode numbers 64, 65, and 87 were not used due to planned holiday preemptions.
NBC preempted episodes 97 and 98, then inserted them as the second and third
episodes of the series' final week.

Please contact Marshall Akers with any spelling corrections for contestants' names.

Host: Richard Kline
Morton Downey, Jr., Cindy Adams, Lynn Swann, Lynn Redgrave
Pilot 1

Robin Mormello
Wall Street executive who lost her job
after posing nude for Playboy

Harley Lou Cobb
Husband who found his wife by way of a yard sign

Michelle Ross
Movie screamer/Barbie clothes designer
Jonathan Prince, Khrystyne Haje, Alex Trebek, Kitty Carlisle
Pilot 4
Cindy Darlan
Attended an international summit meeting
Pat Morrison
Undercover granny & creator of Grandparents
for a Drug-Free America
Harold Roper
Man struck by lightning seven times/
Finder of the world's largest sapphire
Host: Gordon Elliott
David Niven, Jr., Gloria Loring, Lynn Swann, Kitty Carlisle


Yulia Sukhanova
Thomas DeMarco
Cross-country pioneer
Josh Price
Trump's chauffeur/Raphael the TMN Turtle

Judy Mouceaux
Reunited by a phone dating service

Larry Coker
Lost 585 pounds

Gail Beals
Marine General/Lottery-winning nun

Yvette Paris
Stripper and author of "Queen of Burlesque"

G. Van Standifer
Midnight Basketball league founder

Henry Schiff
Head Disneyland plumber/Lizard photographer
Kathleen Gouley
Jilted bride who invited homeless to her reception
Charles Bella
Helicopter pilot who was forced to land in prison
Joanne Woodward
Same name club/Sex radio show host
Pam Kinney
Adopted daughter who found her real mother
Rick London
"Scandal Tours" guide for Washington, DC
Liz Curtis
Lambada champion/Threw pie at Warren Beatty
Morton Downey, Jr., Dorothy Lyman, Tom Villard, Kitty Carlisle

Reidun Sullivan
Former maid to Donald Trump

William Roemer
FBI agent, author: "Roemer: Man Against the Mob"
Laurie John Jones
Billiard champion/Five-foot pillow inventor
Robin Weir
Washington, DC hairstylist
Dana Starkell
Long canoe trip paddler, author: "Paddle To The Amazon"
Claire Hansen
Youngest NFL cheerleader/Identical quadruplet
Alexandra Mosca
Funeral director who posed for Playboy�twice
John Corcoran
Formerly illiterate teacher
Elizabeth Sabine
Coach to rock bands/Gordon Elliott's mother
Dana Jurist
High schooler who sued her no-show prom date
Charlie DeLeo
Statue of Liberty's keeper of the flame
Ken Bannister
Air Force One steward/Banana museum owner
Jerry Marin
"Wizard of Oz" munchkin
Shirley Metz
South Pole skier
Ken Anders
Zsa Zsa's jail superintendent/Mr. Nude America
Orson Bean, Mary Ann Mobley, Tom Villard, Kitty Carlisle

Susan Lane
Recyclable wedding dress designer

Adam Moore
Boy who fell onto an arrow, author: "Broken Arrow Boy"
Cleo Chandler
Oldest pro drag racer/Chicken sex determiner
Tammy Frywalt
Real-life impostor
Delbert Dunmar
Bank robber who gives back to the community
Paula Tyler
Appetite suppresant maker/Husband caller
Steve Betz
Escaped Kuwait after Iraqi invasion
Christine O'Keefe
Author of "How To Successfully Flirt, Date, and Mate"
Kim Caney
Underwear model/"Housewives, Speak Up!"
Bill Sheller
Car engine chef, author: "Manifold Destiny"
Sherry Clark
Single mom Harvard lawyer
Sandy Worth
Cat trainer/Opened first McDonald's in Russia
Patty Noakowski
Surrogate mother with a change of heart
Terry Lopez
World's Toughest Cop champion
Matt Greenhausch
Hiccupped for 154 days/Rottenest shoes winner
Ron Masak, Cindy Adams, Lynn Swann, Betty White

Shoji Tabuchi
Japanese country fiddler

Debbie Shelley
Zookeeper attacked by a jaguar
Charles Aara
Priest who married Hugh Hefner/Blackjack king
Steven Kutcher
"Arachnophobia" spider talent agent
Caroline Miller
Former bulimic and author of "My Name is Caroline"
Adrian Crane
Climber/Bagpipe teacher
Ruth Wolco
Senior citizen held hostage
Tony Harries
Sherlock Holmes' secretary
Phyllis Niegard
Pillsbury bake-off winner/Horseshoe champion
Nora Roberts
Prolific romance novelist
Connie Walker
World's oldest flight attendant
Mr. X
Dick Tracy/Lawrence Welk
Mark Kostabi
Artist who signs other painters' works
Doug Ayre
World champion wheelchair athlete
Michelle Ross
Barbie clothes designer/Movie screamer
David Niven, Jr., Gloria Allred, Lynn Swann, Sarah Purcell

Joe Hardy
American buyer of a British lordship

Chris Davis
Professional bird psychologist
Frank Meeks
College president/White House pizza deliverer
Mark McGrath
Young inventor
Paula Thistle
Captured a thief using her sex appeal
Luc Droal
Scuba diving priest/Backward mile racer
Angela Wensley
Woman who used to be a man
Kevin Foster
First person to bicycle the Great Wall of China end to end
Fran Kotto
World's fastest talking woman/Nude skydiver
Brenda Meder
Fired from her job for dressing like a bimbo
Bill Anderson
Oil tanker captain who saved Vietnamese refugees
Scott Bruce
Mayor defeated by wife/Cereal boxes collector
Robert Butterworth
Psychologist who posed as a beggar
Mark Monjulo
Skydiver who fell 3,600 feet to earth without a parachute
Jeannine Rayheller
Matchmaker for vegetarians/Saw musician
Ron Masak, Khrystyne Haje, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows

Kevin O'Keefe
Proposed marriage via homemade movie

Raymond Dohm
Author of "Walking With Garbo"
Helen Huntsen
National anthem singer/President's check issuer
Rochelle Law
Tabloid photographer
Mike Joyer
Young coauthor of "100 Excuses for Kids"
Jim Wells
TTTT host in Scotland/Maker of cow shoes
James Grassic
Subway violinist
Brenda Tracy
Sole female California Smoke Jumper
Tammy Wolfe
Bubblegum blower/Waitress who won $10,000
Le Ly Hayslip
Spy, author: "When Heaven & Earth Change Places"
Ashrita Furman
World's record holder for holding the most world's records
Michael Cain
Phone lawyer/Kuwait invasion predictor
Karen Lindsay
Library patron arrested for failure to return her books
Earl Aldrich
Environmental cowboy, aka Toxic Tex
Harvey G. Phillips
Mr. Tuba USA /Owner of Ringling Bros. Circus
Ron Masak, Polly Bergen, David Niven, Jr., Kitty Carlisle

Dave Pallone
Gay umpire, author of "Behind The Mask"

Mary Rodice
Young executive VP for a toy company
Walter Jackson
Children's bulletproof vests/Bald Head winner
Sister Mary Norbert Bauer
Folgers coffee commercial writer
Bill Melton
Pilot in the Tuskeegee Airmen
Aida Gates
Blacksmith/Interior designer for Air Force One
David Mungovan
Alaskan man who advertised for a wife
Dale Crofford
Outlaw biker-turned-minister
Janice Sorenson
Airplane part finder/Gorbachev lunch companion
Jeffrey Zaslow
Ann Landers replacement
Diane Morrissey
Revived from the dead 13 years ago
Paul Wilson
Sewing bee champion/Graduating class of one
Sherry Kopello
Flight attendant fired for being overweight
Bill Adamack
Arrived late for his own funeral
Maggie Patterson
Lint sculptor/Owner of a restaurant for dogs
David Niven Jr., Mary Ann Mobley, Lynn Swann, Polly Bergen

Bob Nichols
Survivor of airplane disaster

Dr. Ellen Weinberg
Psychiatrist and stand-up comedian
Carol Gist
Sesame Street's new Big Bird/Miss USA
Jose Alvarez
False psychic channeller
Johnnie Jonkowski
World champion bullrider
Todd MacFarlane
Long-distance cabbie/Spiderman writer
Jack McIhenny
Nudist who spent $4,600 to remove a splinter
Judy Petruche
Lawyer who got rid of her city's strip clubs
Kathy Wankel
Dinosaur skeleton finder/Truck driver
Cynthia LeBourgeois
Airplane wing walker and lawyer
Ann Velukas
Mother who had her son arrested for using cocaine
Kenneth Wilcox
Champion auctioneer/Generous birthday boy
Bob White
Adoptee who found his sister
Ida Libby Dengrove
Court artist, author: "My Days in Court"
Stacy Allison
Love letter teacher/Mt. Everest climber
Host: Lynn Swann
Ron Masak, Khrystyne Haje, Orson Bean, Kitty Carlisle


Mary Tomerlin
Bigamist's wife
Dr. Ed Bradley
Blind baseball player
Jane Lindsay
Ms. Senior America/Lynn Swann's dance teacher

Rob Parr
Madonna's personal trainer

Alison Bly
The Dynamite Lady

Wahid Asim
Son of Kuwait's emir/Fastest pizza maker

Joshua Dennis
Cub Scout lost in a treasure mine

Cheryl Smith
Teacher of a football clinic for football widows

Deborah Wordsman
Voice of Bart Simpson/Quayle Quarterly editor
Pamela Des Barres
Former rock groupie and author of "I'm With The Band"
Eric Raymond
First person to fly a solar-powered plane across America
Elmer Booze
Musician's page turner/Bartender of the year
Diane Nelson
Trampled jockey who became a Ford model
Sarah Evitts
Owner of a rural TV station
Robert Zangrando
Playmate photographer/Feminist of the Year
Orson Bean, Mary Ann Mobley, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Jennifer Kavari
Bungee jumping bride
Steven Koontz
Owner of Wolf Haven
Peter Roche
Suitcase yogi/Jellybean portrait artist

M.J. Denton
Telephone confession operator

B.J. Worth
James Bond's stunt double

Victor Collichio
Fired cop/Leona Helmsley's former butler

Terry Dosch
Former priest married to a former nun

June McLean
Senior citizen aerobics instructor

Angelo Badalamenti
"Twin Peaks" composer/Police anti-gang unit head
Rod Lurie
"National Enquirer" expos� writer
Lori Johns
Accident-recovered drag racer
Abby Jay
Five-time game show winner/Nose flute player
Thomas Hart Benton Ewald
Hostage in Iraq whose mother's letter led to his release
Pat Barrett
Wrestler and author of "Everybody Down Here Hates Me"
Julie and Jenny
Log rollers/1st Army sisters to combat together
Ron Masak, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, Polly Bergen


Jimmy James
Marilyn Monroe impersonator
Sherry Lynn Biederziki
15-year-old junior ambassador to the USSR
Norris McWhirter
Guinness Book founder/Paul McCartney's father

Ginie Polo Sayles
Author of "How To Marry The Rich"

Tony Caesar
High octane stuntman

Michael Mullins
Driver who ran into Pres. Bush/Youngest mayor

John Cohan
Psychic to TV soap stars

Fanchon Blake
Police sergeant who sued for promotion

Mark Shepard
Toilet seat gizmo inventor/Hobo king
Debbie Williams
Undercover bride
Walter Swan
Author of "me and Henry"
Ann Turner Cook
Gerber baby/Barbara Bush's speechwriter
Terry Niedzelach
Environmental hair sculptor
Walter Shaw
Millionaire jewel thief
Jim Kline
In-flight standup comic/WWII tank commuter
Monty Hall, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Pat Moore
Undercover gerontologist, author of "Disguise: A True Story"
Dan LeMaster
Trainer of dogs for drug work
Ann Ogletree
Marla Maples' mother/Charm school owner

Heather Holyoke
Young professional ventriloquist

Felix Rodriguez
Former CIA agent and author of "Shadow Warrior"

Pam Richards
Fired for not making coffee/Turned down car

Ed Smart
Millionaire who gives away silver mines

Jane Pratt
Youngest editor-in-chief in the U.S. (Sassy Magazine)

Chris Muncie
Put town on map/Found valuable baseball card
Ralph Wolfe Cowan
Exclusive portrait artist who painted his mugger
Leona Paisley
Rat and mouse breeder
Amy Lee
Rock 'n roll harpist/Rode naked to protest taxes
Gerry Copa
Mustang Ranch madame for the federal government
Johnny Canales
Mexico's Johnny Carson; host of musical variety show
Lyle Teller
Tiny bicycle rider/Wearer of body tattoos
Orson Bean, Betty White, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Brian Karam
Jailed TV news reporter
Travis Stout
Disabled boy with dog helper
Bernie Wayne
Miss America composer/Car wash inventor

Alma Sipple
Mother of a black market baby

Steven Dandrille
Maker of bulletproof clothing for children

Mike Bazzini
Plane-crashed home owner/huge pumpkin owner

Trevor Ferrell
Young helper to the homeless and author of "Trevor's Place"

Nick Nicoleri
Goodyear Blimp pilot

Arthur Benjamin
Human calculator/Hearse tour guide
Orson Bean, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, Jay Johnstone, Kitty Carlisle


Gloria Crayton
Carrie Fisher's housekeeper
Arthur Kaplan
Municipal court judge and medical first responder
Bridgette Wilson
Miss Teen USA/Gov. Pete Wilson's daughter

Amy Decision
Publisher of "The Tightwad Gazette"

Teddy Andrews
Youth coordinator for the California Democratic Party

Anne-Christine Massulo
Turkey coat maker/ Tussaud's makeup designer

Rosalie Bonanno
Mafia wife and author of "Mafia Marriage"

Jamie Tachiama
Blind football player

Milton Pitts
White House barber/Procrastinators' Club
John Scher
Fashion designer and 1972 TTTT contestant
Terry Ricolta
Campaigner against "Married, With Children"
Jo Yawn
Sleep disorder clinic/Cotton picker
Hiromi Howlett
Japanese woman who married her longtime American pen pal
Gwen Adair
Only female boxing referee in the U.S.
Michael Burgette
Insect eater/False teeth collector
Orson Bean, Khrystyne Haje, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Sister Mary Martin Weaver
Senior olympic champion
Hilton Stein
Lawyer who sues negligent lawyers
Paul Chung
Leaf musician/Tree sleeper

Tamara Holden
Men's maximum security prison warden

Ricky Rocco
Youngest radio disk jockey in the world

Carolyn Shumaker
40-year fiancee/Comet discoverer

Barbara Klaus
Former "Roseanne" writer

William Barkley Hall
Professional tea taster and American tea manufacturer

Arthur Shugarman
Inventor of Rabbi trading cards/Dialect coach
Bill Thomas, Jr.
Son of "Our Gang"'s Buckwheat
Jamie White
Teenage clothes designer
Gail Frazier
Born in the car she drives/Idaho moose counter
Nicole Maxwell
Tribal remedy expert, author of "Witch Doctor's Apprentice"
Frederic Dannen
Journalist who exposed music industry, author: "Hit Men"
Sheldon Smith
Cherry spitting champ/Bullethole jeans designer
Orson Bean, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, Chris Lemmon, Polly Bergen


Commander Luis Munios
Human cannonball
M.J. Willard
Trainer of monkeys for the disabled
Joseph McVicker
Coal walker/Play-Doh inventor

Bruce McCandless
First astronaut to fly untethered in space

Ruth Handler
Creator of the Barbie doll

Gaylord Carter
Silent film organist/Titanic survivor

Karen Strauss
Mother of an adopted Romanian baby

Monsignor Robert J. McCarthy
Carnival priest

Patrick Reed
Mailed 5,000 Xmas cards/swimmer
Paul Warhola
Chicken foot artist and Andy Warhol's brother
Denise Wells
Woman who used the men's room
Fred Crane
Romance professor/"Gone With the Wind" actor
Dr. Roger Pelley
Physician whose hometown put him through medical school
Rodney Orr
Victim of a great white shark
Deborah Ball
Rollercoaster bride/dog food taster
Orson Bean, Peggy Cass, Chris Lemmon, Kitty Carlisle


Earl Culpepper
Three-time TTTT impostor, first-time central character
Ferrell Unverfirth
White House Christmas card project manager
José Hernandez
Mariachi musician/Christmas tree eater

Jim Brennan
Creator of the Santa Ho Ho telephone hotline for kids

Dean Gilbert
Adopted son who found his parents and siblings

Mr. X
Hank Ketchum/Johnny Marx

David Silverman
Animation director for "The Simpsons"

Catherine Heller
Police Officer of the Year

Linda Ware
Pregnancy simulator/Milken judge
Emma Terese
Abandoned daughter turned karate champion and actress
Rayburn Grasky
Defense contractor who blew the whistle on his company
Karen Payne
Man Watchers/owns smartest cat
Anne-Marie Kuto
Costume designer for regional and national theater
Katie Kimball
Nurse & rockclimber who saved herself after an accident
Dean Grazier
Manual scoreboard/mailed lost letter
Ron Masak, Peggy Cass, David Niven Jr., Vicki Lawrence-Schultz


Carla Buchanan
Romance teacher
Rebecca Andreas
Sole female player on her high school football team
John Brock
One man band/pajamas designer

Vic Trigger
Rock 'n roll diplomat to China

Ellen Stole
Wheelchair bound Playboy Playmate

Meghan Welsh
Young CNN anchor/ Rose Bowl Queen
Jaime McEnnan
11-year-old college student
Lois Hunter
Horse owner tricked into selling
Mildred Swann
Lynn Swann's mother/tablecloth maker
Sherri Lynn Stoner
Model for "The Little Mermaid"'s Ariel
Marjorie Bard
Former homeless person and author of "Shadow Women"
Myrtle Young
Potato chip collector/mattress tagger
Orson Bean, Khrystyne Haje, David Niven Jr., Polly Bergen


Carol Barkalow
Female West Point graduate, author of "In The Men's House"
Tara Jean Koosak
Young author of "School Biz Kids"
Marge Carlson
Dean of whistling school/animal dentist

Jill Scott
Mrs. America 1991

Michael Hughes
Former Beverly Hills cat burglar

Jerome Frazier
Airplane suitcase passenger/twister

Julie Clark
Airline and aerobatics pilot

John Young
Man who advertised for a wife

Allan Sandler
War photo sender/MGP payroll officer
Gary Lee
Security guard saved from gunshot by his pocket radio
Lucas Louen
Sailor who used voyage as a character test for future wife
Liz Koosak
Dog hair sweater knitter/Madonna suer
Dr. Stephen Kaplan
Vampire expert and author of "Vampires Are"
Carol Bolton
Mother of eleven children
Jim Rigona
Ringmaster/Air Force One pilot
Ron Masak, Dana Hill, David Niven Jr., Vicki Lawrence-Schultz


Shelley Michelle
Hollywood body double
Alexander Turnovsky
Russian who travelled here to ride in Rose Bowl Parade
Rosemary Bulch
Teddy bear collector/tractor puller

James Jakobowski
Prosecuted his wife for adultery

Bonnie Prudden
Author of "Pain Erasure"

Joel Silverman
Dog trainer/nudist apartment mgr.

Desmond Athall
Author of "That Girl and Phil"

Dan Beutner
Leader of the first Soviet-American bicycle trip

Lucy Pearson
NBC cook/hubcap collector
Shawn Vogeltanz
Formerly overweight woman who became Mrs. Nebraska 1990
Sandra Sutherland
Top private investigator
Robert Blake
"Jeopardy!" winner/flytrap collector
Lori West
Former madame turned minister for prisoners
Scott Riddle
Owner of a sanctuary for homeless elephants
Gerard Prazim
Chicken contact lens/train noise audio
Orson Bean, Ruth Westheimer, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Rich Goins
Sportscaster who lived on a billboard catwalk
Sharon Russell
Overweight student whose school turned against her
Frank Cooper
Tango champion/Tombstone tour guide

Ken Klosterman
Collector of magician's props

John Gray
Black man who looks white & dissuades prejudice

Edwin Figbinder
Pinhead artist/Dr. Ruth's psychiatrist

Helen Oliver
Marine who fell in love with an enlisted man

Joey Bernard
Heraldry expert

Trey Urbane
Swift continent hopper/Toilet tunester
Lord Cornwallis/Ken Siegel
Formed "The British Brigade" acting troupe to recreate history
Joey Skaggs
Media con artist
Linda Dudley
Horse makeup artist/arm wrestler
Yolanda Jaco
Auctioneer who posed for Playboy Magazine
Edward "Hacksaw" Jones
Fourteen-time jail escapee and author of "Hacksaw"
Bob Mueller
Laugh track recorder/Beer taster
Ron Masak, Jennifer Valoppi, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Ron Rolban
Director of the American-Russian Mating Service
Brian Molony
Compulsive gambler
Julian Nieves
Hair bird nests/Madonna impersonator

Sven Petersen
Beverly Hills Hotel pool man

Catharine Rambeau
Motorcycle rider from Florida to South America

Al Wiesner
Jewish comic creator/toupee maker

Bern Bennett
"To Tell The Truth"'s original announcer

Don Parker
Police officer and author of "Officer Needs Assistance"

Teresa Shields
Brooke Shields' mother/Champion liar
Edward Kain
College professor who dresses according to the lesson
Tracy Ostmann
Trainer of avalanche-searching dogs
Velma Jeremiah
Themometer inventor/Stand-up comic
Marnie Nixon
Substitute female singing voice for movie stars
Gene Dyke
Water dowser
Robert Nordyke
Drive-thru divorce/Vanna's best man
Host: Alex Trebek
Orson Bean, Betty White, Richard Moll, Kitty Carlisle


Michael Levine
Reunited with son from a foreign affair
Evelyn Moriarty
Marilyn Monroe's stand-in
Sam Watson
JFK Jr.'s law boss/Condom earrings

Ruth Guyton
Mother of ten doctors

Ben Rich
SR71 Blackbird plane designer

Gene Perret
Bob Hope's writer/Father-grandfather

Doris Mae Leadercharge
Dialectician for Kevin Costner in "Dances With Wolves"

George Tames
Dean of White House photographers

Floyd Weaver
Boxing triplet/Beer can dancing triplet
Wayne James
Lawyer and fashion designer
Jeffrey Welch
Boy who found a briefcase containing $2,000
Duke Landry
Oyster shucking champ/Human fly
Anthony Caudron
Former palace butler to the Duke and Duchess of Marlboro
Cheryl Stearns
Record holding skydiver
David Lore
James Dean Museum/Video addiction
Ron Masak, Dana Hill, Walt Willey, Cindy Adams


Michael Reynolds
Environmental architect and author of "Earthship"
Rae Pride
Undercover cop
Frank Harkmeier
Pie co. founder/Model A Ford driver

Harold Fox
Creator of the Zoot Suit

Peggy Vaughan
Author of "The Monogamy Myth"

Ken Butler
Stick musician/"Home Alone" owner

Betty Mahmoody
Inspiration for the movie "Not Without My Daughter"

Beverly Jiminiani
Aerobics proponent for those over 60, Dancin' Grannies

Michael Bodin
Cockroach judge/Punching bag maker
Bob Murray
One of a set of twins married to twin sisters
Roxanne Black
Pen pal promoter for the seriously ill
Delphine Serra
Kissing champ/Football masseuse
Kathleen Resch
Author: "The Dark Shadows Companion"
Frank Heaney
Prison guard, author: "Inside the Walls of Alcatraz"
Alexia Hatos
Smart-heart cookie baker/Airbag tester
Orson Bean, Gloria Loring, David Niven Jr., Cindy Adams
Substitute Host: Mark Goodson


Jerry Kowalski
Nuclear bomb manufacturer who thwarted a Saddam plot
Cheryl McMannis
Blind actress
Susan Lee
Yarmulke maker for cats/Acrobat

Laura Pedersen
Self-made Wall Street millionaire and author of "Play Money"

David Christian
Most-decorated officer in Vietnam, author of "Victor Six"

Bob Klein
Macaroni gluer/Light bulb magician
Host: Alex Trebek

Riquette Hofstein
Expert on kitchen cosmetics

Tom Casey
Pilot who circled the world in a seaplane

Ryan Kaiser
Cecilia Cox
Firefighter who married her trainee
Patricia Brown Berry
Bat expert
Al Cool
Preacher to just one/Trucker of the Year
Norman Plant
Returned to high school after raising a family
Anna Cody Merritt
Motorcycle racer
Martine Gregor
Love letters writer/Bustier designer
Ron Masak, Dana Hill, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Sister Mary Kristel Macaluso
Comedy-pushing nun
Warren Farrell
Author of "Why Men Are The Way They Are"
Martin Jack Rosenbloom
Biker poet/Makes coffee tables-turned-coffins

Bill Hast
Snake expert

Kathy Kolbe
Hidden talent expert, author: "The Conative Connection"

Ron Trisp
Lost love finder/ house owner without house

Gary Pritchard
Dexter cow breeder/seller

Frieda Westhein
Foster parent to incarcerated mothers' children

Dave Fulmer
Creates all-occasions toasts/Worm breeder
Suzy Ray
Painter who copies masterpieces
Stephanie LaMotta
Jake LaMotta's daughter and MS survivor
Les Wass
Procrastinator's Club president/Nude cook
Lil Simmons
Senior citizen who went undercover to expose insurance fraud
David Friedman
Trash movie filmmaker and author of "Youth In Babylon"
Charles Walker
Checkers Hall of Fame/Life Saver sucker
Orson Bean, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, Robin Leach, Kitty Carlisle


Jackie Phillips-Gebord
Fully-clothed pinup girl for Operation Desert Shield
Larry Barnes
Competitive skier who has only one leg
Millie Del Rubio
Triplet singer/Barbara Bush's dog's namesake

Eldrich Cleaver
Black Panther turned Republican

Jim Dougherty
Marilyn Monroe's first husband

Laura Visiak
Hot coal walker/Winner of 200 contests

Ilyana Lopetina
Performer in the Soviet Acrobatic Revue

Laura Risnanski
Teenage volunteer paramedic

Louise Fabrey
Sneezed 154 days/Newspaper toss winner
John Robbins
Author: "Diet For A New America", Baskin-Robbins heir
Ann Bancroft
Only female to reach the North Pole by dog sled
Richard Nurr
Frisbee creator/white apple vinegar proponent
Walid Al-Said
Kuwait native forced out of his homeland
Lynn Beale
Lived with another family to afford a house
Gwynneth Sies
Chocolate kiss inventor/D.J. of the year
Ron Masak, Dana Hill, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Marjorie Vincent
Miss America 1991
Lorraine Corrilla
Oldest female to serve in Operation Desert Shield
George Armilagos
Barf bag collector/show dog manicurist

Priscilla Whelan Riggs
Bobby Riggs' ex- and current wife

Bill Irwin
First blind person to hike the Appalachian Trail

Stan Wood
Human scarecrow/Rubberband musician

Drew Brown
Navy pilot and author of "You've Gotta Believe!"

Louise Woodard
Migraine painter

Myron Belkin
Bird orthodontist/sender of bulletproof Bibles
Wanwadee Larsen
Author of "Confessions Of A Mail Order Bride"
Doug Peacock
Grizzly bear expert, author of "The Grizzly Years"
John Monroe
Men's room formal diner/Horseshoe inspector
Frank Sevatone
Weightlifting champion and cancer survivor
Max Hanks
Survivor of twelve plane crashes
Thomas Anberry
Foot museum curator/Investor
Orson Bean, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, Rex Reed, Kitty Carlisle


Phil Tune
Bellybutton whistler
Cheryl White
Married internationally to make money
James Warden
Corncob pipe collector/Solar-powered car user

Adrian Cassus
Young orator who lectures on cerebral palsy

Linda Runyon
Edible plant expert and author of "Lawn Food" cookbook

Don Cervasik
Most boring man/Prehistoric elephant finder

Jonelle Chernetski
Lottery winner who married a lottery winner

Mary Bonnin
First female master diver in the Navy

Daniel Materdomine
Tooth tattoo artist/Avon sales champ
Kim Peerman
Owner of "Law Dogs", a hot dog stand and law office
Suzy Caselki
LA Zoo's condor breeder
Jill Salazar
Celebrity trash sales/Miss Nude International
Elisa Ferry
Marvin Allen
Organizer of wild man gatherings
Beverly Speak
Bubble maker/Alex Trebek fan club president
Orson Bean, Dana Hill, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Jeff Bergman
Mel Blanc's replacement as Warner Brothers' cartoon voices
Fern January
Woman who's held 130 different jobs
Owen Siegel
Oscar statuette maker/1976 Oscar winner

David Jacobsen
Author of "Hostage: My Nightmare in Beirut"

Mary Moran
Found her birth mother through a 1975 TTTT episode

Margo Washington-Hall
George Washington's descendent/Bargainer

Melinda Score
Fire-trapped office worker in LA highrise

Milo Speriglio
Chief of the Nick Harris Detective Agency

Larry Peterman
Owner of bubble-blowing dog/Lollipop maker
Harold Wilkins
Game show fan and date for Kitty Carlisle
Eddie Benales
Former gang member, author: "From Gangs To Grace"
Mark Wayland
Head bump doctor/Owner of traffic school
Joanna Needham
LA motorcycle cop
Richard Gillespie
Amelia Earhart investigator
Gareth Valovsky
Underwear designer/Beatles collector
Ron Masak, Shelley Taylor-Morgan, Soupy Sales, Kitty Carlisle


Dr. Joanne Bitner
Divorced cheating husband, had an affair with married man
Rick DeFuria
Judge turned actor
Nino Austie
Polo Lounge maitre'd/Venetian gondola man

Pam Strattmeyer-Scott
Met her husband through fishing

Sam Schwa
Speech therapist to the stars

Fabio Rodriguez
Covered car with dimes/Bubble wrap musician

Vivian Welton
Mapseller to the sars' homes

Vincent Marino
Former drug addict turned rehabilitator, author of "Vinnie"

Larry Brown
Wrote"Tie A Yellow Ribbon..."/Beanery owner
Bill Phipps
Prince Charming in Walt Disney's movie cartoon "Cinderella"
Mardelle Weaver
Grandmother and monster truck competitor
Diane Whitehead
ockey stick collector/15 lb. infant's mother
Bob Zaney
Standup comedian who lost 175 lbs.
Jim Rinders
Duplicated Stonehenge using cars -- Carhenge
Jim Hilton
Largest pancake maker/Edible hat maker
Orson Bean, Vicki Lawrence-Schultz, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Sheila Mills
Frankenstein's real bride
Jill Tarder
NASA scientist looking for life in outer space
Arley Spiller
Chinese menu collector/Vibrating seat belt

Marlene Gordon
3am LA bus tour guide

Richard Steele
Boxing referee

Phillip Huber

Jill Jordan
Tattoo artist to the stars

Angie Runnalds
Ninety-year-old McDonald's employee

Bill Steed
Blows music into wife's ear/Frog hypnotist
Dave Sayer
Head of the Publishers' Clearinghouse Prize Patrol
Katherine Sirmack
Bette Davis' former assistant
Wes Harrison
Mr. Sound Effects/Mr. Memory
Ron Perlman
Firefighter who saved the life of a baby
Walda Bettenhausen
New York Yankees fantasy camp participant
Victor Mehannes
Hand-rolled cigar maker/Eater of 29 jalapenos
Orson Bean, Dana Hill, Frank Runyeon (M), Ron Masak (Tu/Th), Timothy Gibbs (W), Michael Sabatino (F), Kitty Carlisle


Zachy Murphy
Makeover expert for men
Anthony Henderson
Kid who asked George Bush to prove his identity
Greg Irwin
Finger fitness expert/Zipper band member

Brittany York
Playboy playmate wake up caller

Markyta Andrews
Former Girl Scout, author: "How To Sell More"

Bruce Peterson
Funny face winner/Award-winning snail owner

Amy Cook
Football player who became Homecoming Queen

Adam Binns
Fat acceptance club president

Cecil Underwood
Airline meal critic/First "TTTT" contestant ever
Linda Alverson
Chorus line girl in the "Lido de Paris" in Las Vegas
Karl Oppenheimer
Microbologist who cleans up contaminated water
Kelli Muller
Alex Trebek's babysitter/TV talk show host
Paul Hartunian
Author: "How To Be Outrageously Successful With The Opposite Sex"
Lisa Posey
Miss Rodeo America 1991
Charlie Hall
Waterbed inventor/Pencil eraser artist
David Niven Jr., Ruth Westheimer, John Callahan, Kitty Carlisle


Aline, Countess of Romanones
Ex-spy and author of "The Spy Wore Silk"
Eric Nairer
Columnist who allows ads for griping people
Susan Lakin
Playgirl photographer/Sued her boyfriend

El Vez
The Mexican Elvis

Ricki Pomeranke
Trucker who blew the whistle on the trucking industry

Becky Puntanija
Owner of five feet of hair/Chili cookoff winner

Paul Perry
Pastor who switched jobs with his homemaker wife

Bill McCarthy
Policeman who nabbed the mafia, author of "Vice Cop"

Eric Javits
Hat creator/Scratch 'n sniff perfume inventor
Reginald Finelle
Sex education teacher who dresses up in costumes
Clair Lutein
Personally incubates emu eggs
Mary Milkovich
Owns 50,000 beer cans/74-year-old skydiver
Carlos Neville
Member of YAYA, Young Artists with Young Aspirations
Ken Burton
Instructor of how to survive plane crashes
Kenda Wilkerson
Champion phone talker/Miss Garlic Queen
Orson Bean, Robin Mattson, Dennis Wolfberg, Kitty Carlisle


Guy Hunter
Persian Gulf POW
Nelvolia Collins
Alligator owner who fought the government to keep it
Mr. X
Jose Grieco, Jr./Victor Dominguez, Jr.

Joan Howard Maurer
The Three Stooges' Moe Howard's daughter; author of "Curly"

Gardner Robotham
Heart transplant Olympian

Mia Lancaster
Cat lookalike/Taxi service manager

Evelyn Shanklin
Bride stranded at sea during her honeymoon

Ron Fazio
The movies' Toxic Avenger

Jackie Baird
Created string bikini/Original Doublemint twin
Alan C. Hill
Bachelor auctioned for $23,000
Lt. Sandra Stowes
First female Coast Guard icebreaker commander
Violet Hensley
Senior citizen prom queen/Fiddle maker
Dixie Evans
President of the Strippers' Hall of Fame
Rick Bridges
Cave rescue director
Erin Murphy
Plastic surgery model/"Bewitched"'s Tabitha
Ron Masak, Mother Love, Frank Runyeon, Kitty Carlisle


Sean Tevares
Young pen-pal to General Norman Schwartzkopf
Elizabeth Crook
Author: "The Raven's Bride"�published by Mrs. Onassis
Michael Flatley
World's fastest tap dancer/Mushroom grower

Manya Joyce
86-year-old skydiver

John Payton
Youngest judge in the world (18-years-old)

Brad Allen
Mannequin model/Cher's ex-chauffeur

Birute Galdikas
Orangutan Foundation head

Jim Eagen
Author of "A Speeder's Guide to Avoiding Tickets"

Anita Chafey
No-Moon gown creator/Diamond crucifix finder
Daniel Richet
International champion town crier
Brad Goldfarb
Psychologist who grew up between mother & stepmother
Bernice Penn
Mrs. Reagan's manicurist/Garment bulletholes
Gary Isaacs
Business major turned clown college graduate
Ginger Barrett
Housewife turned brothel owner
Harley Toberman
Dog video producer/Edible pencil inventor
Ron Masak, Cathy McAuley, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Nick Bleche
Took sibling leave to take care of his newborn brother
James Humes
White House writer, author: "The Sir Winston Method"
Barbara Hobanos
Took driver's test 53 times/Frump Club

Corey Everson
Female bodybuilder and TV host

Doris Tate
Sharon Tate's mother

Cara Cohen
Girlfriend to MacCauley Culkin/Dust booties

Barbara Pratt Register
Advertiser seeking a gentleman to accompany her to Belgium

Sandy Wolfson
Animals-as-caretakers proponent

Deborah Sanchez
Laundromat poet/Spam-put contest winner
Bettina Flores
Author of "Chiquita's Cocoon", Latin women's rights proponent
Doug Jergens
Scuba diver and miner
Frank Silva
"Twin Peaks"' Bob/Cracker Jacks' prize creator
Linda Simeon
Survivor due to impact self-defense class
Albert Morabian
Name expert and author of "The Name Game"
Dick Hall
Hugh Hefner's gardener/Mating Game
Orson Bean, Mother Love, David Niven Jr., Kitty Carlisle


Gina Tolleson
Miss World 1990
Jack Horner
Dinosaur researcher
Dennis Ferguson
Won a TTTT dinner/Luggage collector

Stephanie Romeo
Winner of TTTT's dinner with Michael Sabatino contest

Jack White
National speech contest winner

Jeckin Stitt
Oprah Winfrey lookalike/Wrestler

Father George Clements
Catholic priest who uses a video camera to stop drug trades

Hope Schubert
Wife to the same man four times

John Kohler
Boomerang champion/TTTT's lying coach
Sally White
Winner of TTTT's dinner with Timothy Ashford contest
Mural painter specializing in whales
Joanne Daniels
Jewelry saleperson/Telephone time voice
Gloria Harrington
Began working as a flight attendant at 51
Anna Allen
Avalanche survivor
Tawny Carlson
Elephant painting teacher/snoring champion
Ron Masak, Mother Love, Orson Bean, Kitty Carlisle


Linda Thurmond
Firefighter who lost 124 lbs.
Maria Lauria
The Latin Oprah Winfrey; talk show host
Willie Sedea
Love potion maker/Inventor of the moonhouse

Karen Anderson
Mother of quintuplets

Matt Lionetti
Surfer who produced a environmental school movie

Phyllis Olson
Lip-synching horse owner/Distance walker

Don McLeod
Pantomime who imitates animals

Bev Bos
Unorthodox teacher, author of "Together, We're Better"

Mr. X
TTTT director/Composer

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