1980-81 Program Staff
"To Tell The Truth"
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April 16, 1981
The TTTT 1980 staff gathers immediately after taping the 195th and final program.


A Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Production

Robin Ward's suits furnished by Botany 500 (early in season)
Robin Ward's wardrobe furnished by Adolfo Menswear (later)

Executive Producer
Gil Fates
Mimi O'Brien
Lloyd Gross
Associate Producers
William Egan
Pamela Usdan
Talent Coordinators
Jean Boone
Susan Handy
Stephen Karp
Peter Null
Cathy Rasenberger
Richard Craven
Decia Fates
Production Assistants
Denise Barney
Elke Breyer
David Feldman
Wendy Weckstein
Marjorie Chester
Elizabeth Dinkel
Arthur Maturo
Art Director
Ronald Baldwin
Score Productions
Prize Coordinator
Joan M. Perlette
Special Material
Dick DeBartolo
Unit Manager
Jaymie Sayet
Substitute U.M.
Leslie Brey
Associate Director
Randy Wands
Substitute A.D.
Peter Fatovich
Technical Director
Salvatore Nigita
Substitute T.D.
Heino Ripps
Lighting Director (chronologically)
Phil Hymes
Howard Strawbridge
Joel Spector
Mahlon Fox
James Blaney, Sr.
Video (alternating)
Nick Bruno
Lana Laughbaum
Arnold Margolis
Jim Marshall
Tony Nelle
Lee Pliskin
Steve Roskin
Walt Werner
Graphic Art
Stas Pyka
Frank Aloise
Stage Managers (alternating)
Joe Dicso
Biff Henderson
Ed Prendergast
Rose Riggins
Jeff Samaha
Mark Traub
Bob Van Ry
Costume Designer
George Drew
Substitute C.D.
Saul Bolasni
Makeup (chronologically)
Barbara Armstrong
Frances Kolar
Richard Dean
Wardrobe (chronologically)
Margaret Karolyi
Bill McHugh
Hairstylists (chronologically)
Alan D'Angerio
Bob Spezzacatena
Joseph Dalcorso
Distributed by
Viacom Enterprises

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