1977-78 Program Staff
"To Tell The Truth"

A Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Production

Joe Garagiola's Wardrobe Furnished by Botany 500

Producer/Executive Producer
Bruno Zirato, Jr.
Directed by
Lloyd Gross
Associate Producer/Producer
Mimi O'Brien Maturo
Associate Producer
Roger Peterson
Talent Coordinator
Jean Boone
Andrea Girard Levís
Rae Pichon
Casting by
Roseann Kahn
Assisted by
Cecelia Lazarescu
Imie Lane Camelli
Dick Craven
Special Material
Dick De Bartolo
Production Coordinator
Susan Shipman
Production Staff
Elke Breyer
Juliet Wybrants (Moore)
Settings Designed by
Theodore Cooper
Unit Manager (chronologically)
Elmer Gorry
Bruce Bassett
Stewart MacGregory
Ruth Sutin
Associate Director (chronologically)
Rodger Wolf
Bob Caminiti
Substitute A.D.
Randy Wands
Peter Fatovich
Technical Director
Mike Rosar
Substitute T.D.
Len Greenberg
Heino Ripp
Dave Gould
Substitute Audio
Jim Blaney
Mel Hench
Herb Greeley
Substitute Lighting
Lee Carlton
Bob Riley
Walt Werner
Substitute Video
Scott McCartney
Stas Pyka
Stage Manager (alternating)
Joe Dicso
John Lynch
Fred Manni
Ed Prendergast
Dick Purus
Bob Van Ry
Distributed by
Firestone Program Syndication Co.
Music by
Score Productions

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