The evening's central characters are a mineral-prospecting professor, the president of the National Safety Council, and a woman who lived on a credit card for a full month.

This Date in History: March 5, 1974

Married couple Allen Ludden and Betty White are guest panelists on a production day that features among its central characters Dorothy Allensworth, project director of College Career, and Brown University's building-climbing spiderman, Peter Blatman.

The classic guessing game in which a panel questions three contestants in order to discern the only expert, "To Tell the Truth" remains an enduring Goodson-Todman panel show.

Dedicated to the history of the "To Tell the Truth" game show in all its forms,
"To Tell the Truth" on the Web is a cooperative project designed to offer
research and help former contestants locate their series appearances.

Big news : the Buzzr TV digital subchannel scheduled to begin broadcasting this summer will include TTTT episodes never seen on GSN in the 1990s, including many daytime episodes found recently in the CBS archives.
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